There are way too many negative, low vibrational stories in our newsfeeds. 

This video might not go viral but that’s okay. It’s still important to highlight the small victories.

In this video we talk about the small victory of having a baby!

You may remember one year ago when we were at Ron Paul’s house with newborn baby Liberty Weeks. Well, that little baby is now one year old!

Since last year, baby Liberty has accomplished a lot more than most adults! Liberty visited all 50 states in the U.S. in just 42 days, when she was only 43 days old. She has also been to around 40 different countries.

In this video we learn a lot about Liberty’s many accomplishments in addition to her travel, including helping orphans and raising money. We also hear from Liberty’s parents about the kind of unique entrepreneurial lifestyle they’re living, including how they’re working with cannabis and cryptocurrencies. 

We also hear from Jeff Berwick from The Dollar Vigilante in this video about how we can, in fact, change the world.

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